Where To Download .CAB Files For Windows Mobile Phones

When browsing through a windows mobile phone precisely an htc ozone verizone phone, i realise files and applications that works on the phone only use .cab extentions i.e for instance example.cab .

Files with .jar which is for java phones doesn’t work with it neither does .sis or .sisx works.

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If you would love to download application files and games to your windows mobile phone then download files with the .cab extention and sometimes getting such files could be difficult but this article will help.

Download .cab files from sharemobile

Yes, so far so good that is where i have been able to have a good resource for cab files, all you need do is visit sharemobile.ro then visit the search page and input .cab in the search box and search.

You will be shown lots of files and applications with the .cab extentions, just select what you want and then download.

Hope this helps?

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