Have Not Received Your Google Adsense Pin? Here is An Easy Way Out

Are you still finding it difficult to receive your google adsense pin? Here is what i did in finally getting mine delivered to me

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For google adsense publishers, you would agree with me that verifying your adsense account is of outmost importance when it comes to receiving your payments.

New to Google Adsense, What is Google Adsense PIN?

When approved to the google adsense program, you are instructed to verify your google adsense account via a pin that will be mailed to the address you filled in your account, this will be clearly stated on your google adsense dashboard, asking you to unhold your account.

What it Takes To Get Your Google Adsense Pin

  • Pin Issue Level:
  • Yes, it doesn’t just have to do with getting approved and afterwards pin issued, you have to reach some certain level of earnings before your adsense pin is mailed to you. I think its €10 but i got mine mailed to me when i was on €8 euros plus tho i think it varies.

  • Correct Mail Address:
  • I once made this mistake twice on my account based on mistaken address. To be sincere, sometimes its a little difficult getting your google adsense pin mailed to your home address and thats the more reason i strongly advice using a postal address i.e a post office address as it is more accurate if you are been given the details from the postal service.

    Want to change my google adsense mail address, so that my pin will be made to the new address

    Its very simple, just visit the Account Settings tab in your adsense account and make every necessary adjustments, when done simply request a reissue of the adsense pin if you havn’t verified your account before.

    Thats it.

    Are you having any difficulty based on your adsense account? We could help by answering your questions using the comment box below this post.

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    • Hi.<br /><br />My account in Google Adsense told me that I will be mailed my PIN only if I reach $ 10,00 USD. I have reached $ 6,69 USD so far here. I think I have to wait for my very first $ 10,00 USD to get the PIN.<br /><br />Let me hear from you<br /><br /><br />Asep Haryono<br />Indonesia

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