The Search For A Working Bolt Browser Or Alternative To BoltBrowser

Ever since 14th december 2011 when bolt stopped working, it has been quite difficult to access desktop views and website on java phones and i must confess that it has also affected me and updating this blog has been quite difficult lately since the boltbrowser has been my major support to what trueinternetworld is today and since then i have been searching for a working version of boltbrowser and luckily for me i was able to find one as at late december 2011.

This working version worked for me until early january 2011 where bolt team stopped the server and since then they havn’t been a working one, i just hope and pray this will be resolved soon.

bolt logo

Now i have been searching for an alternative to boltbrowser which works like bolt in accessing website like pc on desktop view and works on both java and symbian phone users but uptil now there has been no profitable result.

Please if you know of any application that works best for this please kindly inform me using the comment form below and when confirmed, i promise to reward you.


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  • What to say about? Only that i am with you, dear brother! I also (java phone user), i am "desperate", without my dear/super-loved bolt..!.. Now, we can (must!) only hope in Marlborough, the society which has the bolt's rights actually. Bye. Tony, from Milano / Italy

  • Thank you, bro.. Your/this site is good and usefull, 4 me. And now, we all we must "fight" 4 our dear bolt 2 have it back! (by/from the new society Marlborough) ..Even if will need to pay something.. (..this, 4 me, of course). Bye. Tony / Italy

  • Ok also a similar browser (but very.. similar!), bro, surely / of course. The problem is that bolt is (was..?.. 馃檨 ) a very special browser/service. Especially for java users.. An example: the streaming feature. Only this super-feature ( ! ) costs very much to the society/provider, because their servers have to decode mb and mb of data before sending it to our phones.<br />Some idea: To pay

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