Download Mozat V601 Handler Jar

Recently, i posted an update on mozat messenger software where i wrote exclusively on what mozat messenger is.

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mozat handler

Now today i want to add something extra.

Mozat software handler is more advanced as it gives you to adding a trick.

Lets say for instance, the mozat software you downloaded from its main site isn’t working on your device probably because of the network and so it requires a few trick to make it work but mozat software downloaded from does not give room for network adjustment settings and thats where the handler version comes to play an important role.

Moreso, Using the mozat software handler version if good in network tricks can allow you chat for free on mozat application without been charged a dime by your network service provider.

Download Mozat Software Handler Version (jar.)

To download the handler version of this software, visit and click on Download.

My Mozat Pin is M134MT6, feel free to add me.

Hope this helps?

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