How I Opened A GTBank Domiciliary Account

If you are a frequent follower of this site then you might have realized my zeal in sharing my experience with readers of this site and here comes opening GTBank domiciliary Account.

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Now, i do want to share my experience with you on how i opened a domiciliary account at Guarantee Trust Bank (GTBank).

Please do understand that am not just bringing up this post to tell people that i now have a domiciliary account with GTB as most peeps would speculate but rather to aid those who seek information on this.

As a google adsense publisher, Google pays us through checks and these are foreign checks.  In-other to clear them and get our many in cash, a domiciliary account is required and so far so good GTBank is the best when it comes to internet business as this.

Requirements In Getting A GTB Domiciliary Account

  • Utility Bill
  • Passport Photograph
  • two (2) Referees

When you have got all these in place then your request is ready to be processed.

okay, let me give a summary of how it happened

First, i went into a GTBank Branch close to me and requested for information on how to open a dorm account, the customer care attendant first asked me if i had any existing account with them like savings or current and i replied NO! He then went ahead to state the above requirements and not forgetting a hundred dollar ( $100 ). I asked if i could pay the $100 in Naira and he said no it has to be in dollar currency, i also asked if i could use a voters card as my id card? He said no either Driver’s License, National ID Card or An International ID Card.

I made available my Driver’s License, passport, utility bill and then i was given a form to fill alongside two (2) referees forms.

I was advised to get two GTBANK Current account holders as referees to make the account opening process faster and that was where the real task began.

Thanks to friends who were able to get me the referees after a long time, finally i could sense a fresh relief believing that my account would soon be ready.

I went straight to the bank the next day to submit everything. The customer care attendant received the referee details and told me that i would receive my account number within 48hours and it was so.

That’s it! Quite explanatory right?

Hope this helps?

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  • i would have like holding a dorm act.. But dat referee form, don&#39;t know people with gtb current acct…….. <br /><br />Pls can u help me wit d referee&#39;s form

  • I don&#39;t have a current account, only savings and dormicillary account.<br /><br />You can get any current account holder even from other bank but getting GTBank current account holders only makes the process faster

  • Well i was fortunate to have referees when i intended to open mine,but one of the signatories came back irregular.<br />I had to plead with my Account Officer,who advised me to meet a regular customer,who fortunate for me was present at the bank.<br />It avail me the chance to do my wiring that day and get it posted within 48hrs

  • You didn&#39;t say anything about the $100 – Did you Pay in immediately the account was open? – Where did you get the Currency from since the bank won&#39;t change Naira to dollar..

  • This is actually the trick that made me open the account free.<br /><br />I was told to deposit $100 to activate it but instead of me paying in that amount, i simply deposited my google adsense cheque and thats it! I got my money.

  • I have just collected one and i am kind of confuse with the referer u have a specimens of it on how to fill it.

  • Please, After opening your dorm account, does the 100USD used in opening it reflect or not?. <br /><br />Its really urgent please

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