The New BlackBerry Porsche P9981 : What is so special about this blackberry device?

Recently, makers of blackberry devices came out with their latest blackberry phone called BlackBerry Porsche.

Its a phone with a nice design but with a relatively high cost.

Lately, i have been wondering whats so special about this phone that attracts so much cost?

blackberry porsche p9981

Yes i know it comes with lots of features but not with much difference with the previous models.

The new blackberry porsche has got:

  • 3G Network
  • 8GB internal memory
  • Geo-tagging
  • Face Detector Function
  • etc.

    The blackberry porsche P9981 was said to be announced october 2011 and released december 2011.

    Funny enough, i first got to hear about this device on facebook through my friends updates. Some even what ahead to criticize the device by writting something like:

  • Can Blackberry Porsche ping GOD?
  • Can it ping for free through satellite?
  • Can it put food on the table when you are hungry?
  • Can it vibrate when a person is telling lies in front of you?
  • Can it upgrade your GPA if you are a student?
  • If it accidently gets missing, would it find its way back to your hands?
  • Can it transport you from one region to another?
  • if blackberry porsche can’t perform this functions, it is better you buy a land with the money and start building.

    BlackBerry porsche currently sells at $2000 as at when posting this, and it currently sells at three hundred and fifty thousand naira(N350,000) at slots nigeria limited ikeja, lagos state.

    Is it really worth that amount?

    I won’t be surprised if blackberry makers comes up with one new name for a blackberry phone and charge a million naira lol.


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