Nokia Or BlackBerry : Which would you advice?

For quite sometime now i have been contemplating on which device to go for, NOKIA or BLACKBERRY?

Should i purchase a Nokia Symbian Phone or a blackberry? This is the question i keep asking myself when thoughts relating to a new mobile phone comes to my mind.

nokia or blackberry

Yeap, i know the major advantage of a blackberry phone is the pinging thing but do i really love chatting?

ummmmmm maybe!

Friends around me who also use a bb phone says its good and am gonna love it, tho some condemns it. But should it be friends or I?

A Nokia phone on the other hand is an awesome device and the most popular mobile phone tho blackberry is kinda meeting up to that demand.

Am the type that loves surfing the web tho busy schudules lately has brought that to a minimum and i enjoy chatting with peeps that are interesting.. Hey! I do reply boring chats but sometimes ignore them.

I’d want to hear from you.

Nokia or BlackBerry, Which would you advice me to go for and why?


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