Skyfire Browser : A Second Choice To BoltBrowser?

You would agree with me that ever since bolt browser stopped working there has not been anyother browser that works exactly or equal to, but lately there has been issues on skyfire browser been an alternative browser to bolt, do you agree with that?

bolt vs skyfire

Well, i totally disagree with that and i have got my reasons and am going to emphasize on some here.

NOTE:Contributions are highly appreciated.

  • Compatible With Almost All Internet Enabled Phones
  • : bolt browser, when still working works with almost all internet enabled phones that allow installation of games and applications, bolt even had a lite version thereby making it available to low end phones i.e if a phone doesn’t work with the full version due to phone memory, the lite version was a better alternative thereby making it available for both java and symbian devices but whatabout skyfire? Based on my inspections so far, skyfire only works with OS phones i.e symbians phones like nokia, android and others.

  • Watch Online Videos
  • : This was one thing i enjoyed on bolt, the ability to watch online videos even on my small java phone, whatabout skyfire? Not sure about that, even if they do isn’t it only for symbian devices, so?

  • Switch Views Between Desktop and Mobile
  • : This is one most amazing attribute of the boltbrowser application, the ability to switch views between desktop and mobile using boltbrowser, boltbrowser makes your browsing experience feel like a using a real pc computer but skyfire? Ummmmm am not sure same goes for that application.

    Got anything contrary or more to what i have already said? kindly post using the comment box


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    • How To view Desktop<br />View using Ucweb<br />1get ur Ucweb(7&amp;8<br />confirmed)<br />2 go to settings;<br />preferences: tick zoom<br />view, click on user agent<br />or UA; change it to bolt or<br />mozilla.<br />3 u&#39;r free to surf sites<br />(mostly works for<br />international sites like<br />cnn, google wikipedia-etc<br />nb; 2 use dis for<br />facebook login 2 ur home<br />using d

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