Standard Check Delivery OR Secure Check Delivery Option In Google Adsense Account, I Would Recommend……

Making a decision to the above heading could be sometimes demanding but my aim here is to help you know what is involved but first, let me ask you these questions:

  • Are you an approved google adsense publisher?
  • Is your google adsense account almost at the €70 payout level or more than?
  • Have You Verified Your Google Adsense Account?

    google ads decision

    If your answer is yes to the above questions then get ready because your google adsense payment would soon be on the way but then inother to make sure you get your payment if using a check medium, make sure:

    You input your correct address in the address box of your account

    If using a postal address, make sure the parameters is correctly inputted including the postal area code

    But funny enough it might still be possible that your check don’t get to your home address untime if using the standard delivery option and that is where this post becomes of uttermost importance but please spare me a few lines to share my experience with you about choosing between standard and secure check delivery.

    Back then when i was just starting out with the google adsense earnings, i though to myself “standard delivery would be a better option afterall removing €17 from my monthly earnings to use the secured delivery option is a little too expensive” so i choosed the standard delivery option which was absolutely free.

    When it was time to receive my first check i used my friend’s postal address because i wasn’t so sure i was correct with my full home address perhaps i was adviced that using postal address was more appropriate. It took the following month ending before my check arrived at my friend’s postal box, the second check even took more than that getting to the second month.

    I decided to try out the secured check delivery option which costs €17, and surprisingly i got my check delivered to my doorstep five days after the check was issued from google by a courier service and since then i have always sticked with the secure delivery. So inother words, the €17 payment fee google removes from your earnings is meant for the courier service delivering the check to you.

    I believe with my experience started here, you should now be able to carefully decide which is better for you.

    Worried about the €17 monthly courier payment? Don’t worry, you can simply choose that your payment be made every two months thereby you will be charged same €17 for your two month earnings.

    In my subsequent posts, i will be writting on how to track your google adsense check so that you will be able to tell where and when your check will get to you.

    Hope this helps?

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