2go Messenger Now Working On Blackberry Phones | How To Make It Work

Good news to all blackberry users, 2go messenger now works on blackberry.

Yes you heard me right.

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2go messenger is not a new word in the internet world as it is raving to be one of the most widely used chat application.

Since 2go was released its been pretty difficult to really make it work on blackberry phones so it seemed more or less like blackberry users were left out.

The Good News……..

2go now works on blackberry.

As at the time of filing this report, I have confirmed it working on my blackberry curve 2 using glo bis.

How To Make it Work……

Hey! Don’t be scared, it doesn’t require any tricks or those settings that require you changing something on your phone.

Just visit wap.2go.co.za and enter your informations, then require to download a new 2go messenger. If using your default web browser, your device will be automatically detected then download the version prescribed to you.

Install and enjoy 2going on your bb device.

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Hope this helps?

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