How To Track Google Adsense Cheque For Delivery

If you are a google adsense publisher you still might not understand what tracking your google adsense cheque means.

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In google adsense payment dashboard, you are given two options

  • standard check delivery
  • and

  • secure check delivery
  • What is tracking google adsense check all about?

    Tracking your google adsense check basically has to do with monitoring your adsense check to know where it is and thus you can be able to tell where your cheque currently is and when it would get to you.

    This feature is only available to secure delivery option users. If you remember clearly, i stated in one of my previous posts that on this option you are charged €17 per cheque delivery, what google actually does with that charges is that they pay it to a courier service e.g DHL who will deliver the check to the address stated in your account settings.

    How To Track My Adsense Cheque

    After payment is been issued, it takes some days before a tracking number would be provided for you.

    Now to see your tracking number, goto your recent payments dashboard, on your most recent payment

  • click details
  • there you will find your tracking number.

    If you don’t find it, relax it hasn’t been provided yet.

    Now, if you have got your tracking number,

  • Visit the company address delivery your check, DHL is mostly used by google
  • On DHL website which is, there a tab there that allows you track your delivery
  • Input your tracking number there and click the track button
  • thats it.

    You will find the current location your check is.

    Got any question? Please feel free to ask.


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