My Experience and Review On the BlackBerry Curve 2

It’s been weeks now I have been using blackberry curve 2 and as usual, I do love to express my experience here so far.

To be candid, the blackberry curve 2 is an awesome device and so far so good I havn’t got any reason to regret purchasing the device.

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I happened to be among the set of people who never had likeness for blackberry phones, afterall what’s so special about the device apart from the pinging thing?

There’s actually more!

Yes you heard me right!
If you actually know how to manipulate some things on your blackberry phone you will undertand what am talking about.

Most bb users use their bb phones for pinging basically but is that what blackberry should be all about? Of course no! For me, I use my blackberry for much more activities other than pinging, as a matter of fact pinging is of less priority unless of course am bored and need to chat up with interesting contacts.

On my blackberry I have got loads of applications because that’s what actually makes my bb more fun. Whatabout games? I don’t do games so I don’t bother downloading those.

Would you believe me if I tell you that I actually brought up this post and its write ups with my blackberry curve 2 device? Yes I actually did and this isn’t the first time.

My Review On Blackberry Curve 2

Blackberry curve 2 is an awesome device and can do much more if you know how to make it too. Am still actually trying to figure out the special features that makes users give nokia phones an edge over blackberry.

I’d love it if you would give a contribution to what I have said here so far.

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