New Facebook Timeline Vs Old Facebook Profile Design

Earlier before recently, I use to be a fan of facebook mobile as I access my facebook account more frequently from my mobile phone and its no doubt that I have frequently heard about the facebook timeline thing and so I decided to give it a try since recently I normally use facebook on my pc than my mobile.

facebook timeline

Yes, its been quite sometime since facebook had introduced facebook timeline but I didn’t stat it on this blog simply because I havn’t had the time to test run it and now that I have, I have actually got something to say.

I prefer the previous design

Yes you heard me right and am not scared to say it again.

Am not so okay with the new time line design for some reasons:

  • The fb timeline design looks kinda complex to me, its hard figuring out your last
  • while on the old facebook profile design platform, you rarely find spam links on my profile that are been posted by my friends but I was surprised to find some on my profile simply because I was tagged in them.
  • And more……

    Seeing spam links on my facebook profile is something I don’t like a bit and facebook timeline seems to be approving that without my concept.

    So far so good the only thing I love in the new facebook time line Is the ability to upload your own profile design cover and I really applaud facebook team for that.

    While am still exploring on the fb timeline but most times I wish I could return to the old profile design but well guess I just need to find out how to return to the old facebook profile page design.

    Got anything to say or contribute? Kindly use the comment box.


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