Take Note Of This Before Downloading Avast 2012 Antivirus Software

The avast 2012 antivirus software is the latest version of avast. Now you might want to ask

What is Avast?

Avast is an antivirus software for laptop computers and desktop computers which helps protect your computer again virus and other harmful installations which could possibly cause harm to the system.

Avast software happens to be one of the best antivirus software but could also be the worst if you are not careful.

Take note of this before installing avast 2012 antivirus

Avast actually caused a crush to my previous laptop (dell Pentium 3) which barely lasted me two weeks tho its a fault on my mind actually, if only I knew this earlier.

I had issues with my windows so I re-installed a fresh version of windows XP professional and due to the fact that I haven’t got any antivirus software with me and I really needed to use my pc, I went surfing the internet.

Finally, it was high time I choose which antivirus to install, i decided to use the latest version of avast, AVAST 2012.

When I installed it on my PC, I kept getting a pop up malware attack signal and avast clearly stated that it has been blocked and no further function is required from me. It prompted me to restart my windows to enable scanning at start-up which I gave permission to after all antivirus knows what’s best.

Yes, actually the scan began and avast said they had found some virus and blocked them. I was logged on to my windows and behold most things have changed.

I insert my modem flash drive and it was enable to detect it and that was when I knew something had gone wrong.

I restarted my computer again and for the first time, I was asked to log in. Well no problem, I did and it kept logging me out automatically bringing me back to the windows log in page.

I knew something had gone wrong with the windows so I decided to re-repair it using the windows software but after all set and done, its still same thing. Little did I know it has actually affected the hard disk.

In summary: Avast is an amazing antivirus software but I strongly advice you only install it when you just finished installing your window because it could actually cause damage when its installed late.

Hope this helps?

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  • Sorry for that unfortunate incidence in your laptop..bt you shld know that avast was not the cause of that malfunction..it was actually a virus that find its way n manages to replace some windows start-up files with itself.

  • @anonymous, yes i actually know it wasn't avast that cursed a crash on my system windows but probably if i didn't install avast antivirus that wouldn't have occurred, or what do you think?

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