Why Do I Appear Online On Facebook Chat when Am Offline? This is why and the solution

For some time now i have been thinking on either writing on this particular post or not because I have been contemplating if my blog readers will be interested, and just few days back a facebook friend inboxed me on this particular issue. His message reads thus:

Hi Samuel, for sometime now I have realised that I appear to be online on facebook chat when am off-line, please have you got a solution to this?

appear online when offline on facebook chat

To be candid, the solution is actually simple.

Do you know that when these users appear online on fb chat when they are actually offline there accounts automatically post a spam link to their online friends asking them to click on a particular link.

Am saying this because its something I have experienced countless times when I go online on facebook chat.

Now to fix this problem thereby making you appear online only when you are online and offline when you are offline, you need to disallow some applications access to your facebook account.

To do this, just visit your account settings page and locate apps and website, click on it there you will find the applications you have granted access to your account.

Delete or deactivate the ones you suspect or simply disallow the applications you think are not useful to you and that’s all!

Still don’t get it? Read http://www.trueinternetworld.com/2012/02/why-do-i-keep-seeing-spam-links-on-my.html

I posted a comprehensive tutorial on how to disallow applications access to your facebook account there.

Hope this helps?


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