3 Reasons Why Taking Online Survey Is Not The Right Frame Of Online Business For Nigerians

I know as a  Nigerian, everyone is conscious about making money online and due to this reasons they tend to participate in all forms on online  business that promises them good earnings but not all really works.

How Do i know about this?

Its simple because i was once like that, yes you heard me right.

I remember then sometimes in 2010 been a newbie to making money online and just hearing people say they make a living online without personally knowing how,  i did an exclusive research online burning time, resource and money and all i could gather was that taking online surveys was the best thing to do to make money online as a Nigeria.

I got it all wrong. Yes taking online surveys is a good business online but not for Nigerians and have got reasons for that.

First, for newbies let me analyze

What are Online Surveys? 

taking online surveys as a Nigerian

Online surveys has to do with answering questions online and thereby getting paid.

How Is It Done?

You sign up at paying survey taking sites, and you will be asked to answer some questions and after that you will be making money by answering more questions.

Reasons Why Taking Surveys Is Not For Nigerians

  1. Registering as a Nigerian: For most survey taking sites, when you signed up as a Nigerian, you are limited to some questions and therefore making it extremely difficult to meet up there payout level.
  2. Getting Payments: Probably you finally made it out to the payment level which i know is very difficult and you are now required to choose a payment option, most survey taking sites pay via PayPal and PayPal is currently limited to Nigerians i.e Nigerians are presently  not allowed to open a PayPal account. so what are you going to do?
  3. Nigerians not Allowed: Most survey taking sites don’t accept Nigerians and so earning from surveys are limited.

There are obviously more reasons i say taking surveys are not advisable to Nigerians but am just gonna stop there, there are more legitimate ways to make money online as a Nigerian and as time goes on, i will be posting on more. 

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  • Dear, Samuel Adeniyi, would u kindly email me other better legit Internet jobs i can do as a Nigerian with little or no start up capital and trusted payouts.
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