Appear Offline To A Facebook Friend | Improved Facebook Privacy settings

Am quite impressed with the new development on Facebook chat system, now you can easily appear offline to a particular friend on your facebook profile.

Before now facebook allows users to  choose their online presence as offline to all friends on chat or appear offline to some particular group of friends and now it just gets better.

No doubt about the fact that some friends can be very boring and when they pop up via the facebook chat window and you choose not to reply them they keep bugging you. hey! am sure you might have had similar experience  but there is a better way. instead of not responding to that friend which could possibly make him or her think you dont want to chat with them, you can simply choose to appear offline to only him or her, how? Read on……….

How To Appear Offline To A Particular friend On Facebook Chat

The process is every simple and am going to be helping you with screenshots to make it easy to understand.

P.S: Please be aware that these steps can only be done on facebook full web page on computer, it cant be done using applications used in accessing facebook chat service on mobile.

  • When logged  into Facebook on computer and you want to appear offline to a particular friend who seems to be online, simply click on the chat window to display the list of online friends

  • Select the friend you want to appear offline to, this displays a pop up window starting a chat with  the friend
  • Click the chat option icon and click Go offline to ………

see the screenshot below

Hope you get it?

When this is done you will be notified.

To Appear  Online again to the facebook user, just follow same process but this time choose appear online to……..

Hope this helps? got any questions, feel free  to ask using the comment form.

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