Best Application For Taking ScreenShots On Blackberry

Quite some time back i posted an article here basically on Munch For Blackberry which is an application used for taking screenshots on blackberry, but do you know there is a better application for this same function?

Yes and this is the best application and i do thing there can be something better, believe me.

blackberry screenshot


What more could be better than just going to menu and with a click you finally takes a screenshot of what you are doing and automatically saves to its folder? is there going to be a better application to perform this same function?

If you have used the screen muncher  application for taking screenshots on your blackberry, you will realize that munch usually lives a label Munched on the screen of your screenshot making it obvious of the software/application you have used.

Here is Something Better

Been having a good experience on my blackberry, i have been able to test run a couple of things which i have always tried to update here on which is more or less my sharing arena  馃檪

Have you heard of Screen Grabber?

Thats it! you might of heard about this, we know! But for the benefit of those who hasn’t heard or tried it out i sincerely think you should give it a shot. Its good in its simple term trust me!

What  makes  me appreciate this application the more is its picture quality and without adding anything more to screenshots unlike screen munch.

Well, at this junction i wouldn’t want to exaggerate so am just gonna leave to go try it out.

The name again? Screen Grabber

Wait! What-about where to download this application? You can download it from blackberry app world

How To Take Screen shots with it? Same process, just visit the page you want to take a screenshot of and press your menu button and click on Screen Grabber.

Its that simple.

hope this helps?

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