How I Stream And Watch Online Videos On Computer Without Interrupton

You would agree with me that its quite impossible to watch online videos on computer without experiencing network problems as this has become a natural phenomenon with our Nigerian networks, well of course you might be lucky to watch those videos during the night time but then putting network charges into consideration i guess your data bundle consumes fast but let me share something with you.

Last month i subscribed to a data plan on this united states server (18GB) precisely and trust me i watch videos online on YouTube and other video streaming websites almost like everyday and of course my data bundle which subscribed to, has a validity period of one month.

At the end of the month guess how much data space i was showed to have consumed………………………………… just 3GB. Isn’t that awesome? And here is the amazing thing, just on the 12th of this month been April 2012, my previous subscription ended and i subscribed to another 18GB for a month and guess how much i was given? 32GB of data space,  which means that of last month was added to my new subscription resulting to 32GB data bundle and am very sure no matter how i browse i won’t exhaust the 32GB  because of the one its been counted. Isn’t this better than using nigerian servers? Think about it………

Here is a Screen Shot Of A Live Concert Video Am Presently Watching On YouTube while typing this

watching online video on youtube

Please don’t blame me am just a fan of music and thats why am listening this lol.

If you look closely at this pics above, you won’t see the usual YouTube loading symbol that’s mostly experienced due to network problems and believe me, i watched this 8 minutes video without any form of skipping.

Guess where i watched the movie shuga and the music shuga? Both on YouTube and their official website.


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