JAMB UTME 2012 Results Showing No Result Yet – Find Out The Reason

I really cant count the number of times my blog readers have contacted me via my cell phone number seeking information on why their 2012 jamb results is displaying No Results Yet and i simply give them a simple answer.

Did you check your utme results recently and realized that instead of your results showing up, you simply get a pop up screen message displaying no results  yet? yep, seriously i understand how you feel and i know it hurts.

Imagine sitting in front of a computer with so much anxiety, inputting your registration number and wondering what the outcome would be and suddenly its no results yet, ooouch! it hurts sure it does but that certainly is not the end.

What No Results Yet on jamb website Actually Means

It simply means your results has not been uploaded on the jamb website, after-all you don’t except the jamb  body to put up over a million results in just a couple of days, You think about it. Can 30 people put up 500,000 results in 5 days? Come on!

OK friends, when fans call me relating to this issue i simply tell them to chill, their results will definitely be out, just give it some time. i usually tell them to check in a week interval, do you know why?

Please Avoid This

Do not Check your results regularly simply because your results is not yet out, under wise you will be required to purchase some card that i can’t really remember its name for now but getting that card could be stressful. Imagine instead of just logging in to the jamb result checking site and inputting your registration number to access your results, you will  then have to go buy another card and you know that can’t be free, ummmm! so please just chill  and believe your results will be released sooner or later, if your results is seized it will be stated in your results OK.

Hope this helps?

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