What Is Favicon In Blogger Blog And How To Add Favicon To My Blog

This was same question i asked myself when i first came across the blogger feature ‘ Favicon ‘ on my blogger layout page.

I would certainly not want to do anything to affect my blog and so therefore i needed to make research before adding, editing or removing anything from my blogspot or blogger blog unless these are terms am conversant with and i argue you to always do the same so that you do not end up causing demage to your blog.

What Is Favicon In Blogger Blog?

Based on my researches so far, am not gonna bore you with grammars that was used to explain what it was during my cause of research, am simply going to break it down to your understanding based on what i have understood it to be.

OK, lets go!

Now, when you log into your blogspot blog or to your blogger dashboard using for example a Mozilla Firefox web browser, looking at that particular tab you will find a B symbol before the title.

Here is what the blogger symbol is:

Blogger Favicon

Did you see that  on the page tab before the page title? That what a favicon is.

Let me give you another example.

If you are viewing this tutorial from www.trueinternetworld.com, look at the window page tab before the title, you should find a symbol or logo that is this:


That is the favicon i created for trueinternetworld.com, another simpler name for it is LOGO.

Is it explanatory enough? Guess yes.

Now that you know what a favicon is i guess your  next question should be

How Do I Add A Favicon To My Blog?

Its simple , just follow this steps if you are using the new blogger dashboard

  1. When logged to your  blogger dashboard
  2. Click on layout and locate the Favicon Tab, which is locted at the top left side of the page
  3. Click on edit and simply upload your own blog favicon or logo then save.

Please Note: Blogger only supports favicons that are in square shape, do take note of that perhaps it takes time before your newly created favicons starts displaying on your blog.

Hope this helps?

Feel free to post your questions or comments.


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