WordPress Blog SEO Tips for MLM Bloggers (Guest Post)

Managing the content and design of a website is very important if marketers want to succeed in
their venture. Blogging is the most effective and easiest way to get your website indexed on search
engines. Content can be created and specific keywords and phrases can be included in blogs. Here
are some SEO tips for MLM bloggers to take their WordPress site higher in rankings:

wordpress blog seo lips for mlm bloggers

1. Create original content
There are many other ways to publish your content on the internet. Creating pages on your website
and improving the navigation are the most important techniques. Having original content on your
website is crucial for your site’s success. Though blogging is an integral part of the website, making
a news room or a resource center will help your website drive more traffic.

2. News Room
The news room tab is often found under the ‘About us’ part of the website home page. This is a vital
part of the website as it contains news about press releases, product updates, event information or
awards received. In case, you do not have enough content on other pages, combine all the content to
form one news room, containing all the information on latest releases, company events, etc. You can
consider it as a second blog.

wordpress seo tips

3. Product details
Certain portions of the website can be developed in a different way. These are the non-blog portions
which can contain details of your product and relevant information. You can write keyword-
optimized content as description of your product. You can also take consumer feedback and make
the consumers buy the product online by offering secure payment options. You can also add user
comments and reviews below every product.

4. Learning Center
It is always a good thing to let your customers know the benefits of your product. You can include
videos, short articles or images with captions. You can encourage your customers to add positive
reviews or set up an exclusive page for this purpose. If your website contains videos make sure you
have a brief explanation about it.

5. Service Data Center
Set up a customer support center on the website. This will help the consumers interact with your
organization. A data center is a database consisting of information of your product and queries that
are often asked. It can also have FAQs, data sheets and notes. Making a Data center is essential as it
effectively diverts traffic onto the page containing technical data about your product. By creating a
Service Data center, you can create awareness about the product, include demo videos and provide
an estimate or product coupon all at the same without the need of having separate pages on the

6. Multimedia Library
Images and videos have a greater impact on consumers. In spite of having excellent written content,
it is always better to have images and videos of your product. Provide your customers a central
location to watch your videos. Setting up an exclusive YouTube channel can be a great option. If there are too many videos, you can add a few to your news room.

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