Add Alt Text To Images On Blogger Blog Using The New Blogger Dashboard

If you have a blog and hoping to optimize your post for search engines then you might have probably read adding that adding alt text to your images is very essential in search engine optimization as it enable search engine spiders read images.

On default web spiders can not read images but adding alt text tells the web spiders bot that this is actually what the image is all about.

And do you know what?

Its always advisable that when adding alt text to your blog images in a post, you should always use keywords that best explains what the post is actually about. For example if you are writing a post on Get updated information on you can actually set your post image alt text to information or something else that actually has the keyword in it, you Dig?

Now, How To Add Alt Text To Post Images

First, let me clarify something here. Alt text actually means alternative text.

To add a alt text, first upload an image to your blog post and click on it once

upload image to blogger post

 Click on Properties as illustrated in the image above, a new window appears as this:

add alt text to image on blogger

In the alt text box, input  your keyword and click on OK.

Its that simple.

hope this helps?

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