Best 5 Chat Softwares For Java Mobile Users

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For Java Phone users you would agree with me that not all applications seem to work fine with java phones but been the dude that has used a java phone before, am going to聽 share five(5) best chat applications that works fine on java phones.

  1. 2go:聽 2go messenger has been one amazing chat software/application that’s been widely used in the mobile world, it has a flexible interface that makes it easily navigable on聽 java phone.Trust me, you are gona love this app if you know how to get used to it.
  2. Mig33: Mig33 is also one amazing software that enables you to meet new friends on the mig network by participating in the different rooms.Of course there is room for private chats and more on m ig33 social network.
  3. Mozat: Mozat messenger is another good chat application that works fine on java phones tho a couple of times i have heard people complain about it hanging but i guess they have to improve on that part.Whats makes mozat unique is the pin feature that makes look like black berry.
  4. Nimbuzz: Nimbuzz is an application supported by java to engage in chating and also signing in to facebook.On Nimbuzz, you can chat on the nimbuzz rooms or facebook, yahoo messenger or other supported social networks.
  5. Ebuddy:When it comes to flexibility while chatting on facebook, yahoo messenger, msn and others you can count on ebuddy.Ebuddy is also awesome and easily flexible, its also compatible with java phones.


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