Can I Blog Using A Mobile device?

A couple of times friends that i have introduced to blogging often ask me ‘can i blog using my mobile device?


Well, am just gonna give the answer here, Yes and No!


Ummmmmmm right? 馃檪 but i have got my reasons trust me!


Are you aware that blogger now as a new improved dashboard? Yes am sure if you follow this blog steadily you might have read my report on that.


Ok! Let me explain why i said Yes and No to the above titled question.




  1. You can create a new post to your blogger blog using a mobile phone.
  2. You can make researches to improving your blog using a mobile phone
  3. You can post comments and answers on your blog using a mobile phone

What else? emmmmmmmmmmm thinking………………….

Let me move on


  1. Can you create and design a blog using mobile? Trust me its no if you want to make it look professional
  2. Its not just creating a new content to your blog but whatabout optimizing it for seo? You sure needs to use a computer here.
  3. You have done research on designing and making your 聽blog look better but聽what about聽implementing those research? You obviously need beyond a mobile.

And more……………………..


OK , so whats my conclusion?


If you truly had read this article then you would have realized that its self聽explanatory, i actually did start using a mobile phone but things has gone complicated than it use to be before, now you can only post new contents to your blogger blog if you are using the old blogger dashboard.


I strongly recommend getting a personal computer if you really want to be good in blogging but while waiting, its best that you keep doing all necessary researches using聽mobile and making positive聽plans for your blog.


Hope this helps?


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