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First, i would sincerely want to apologize for not updating this blog for quite sometime now, i think i haven’t updated since this month but i have always try to be online during my spare times to reply to comments here.

I have been pretty busy thinking of how to improve and make it better for its readers and like the saying goes ‘two heads are better than one’ so suggestions are highly appreciated.

If you are quite conversant with features on blogger you will realize i once fixed a poll on trueinternetworld asking readers of what information they would love to see on trueinternetworld and i got some pretty response, these are ways am thinking of improving this blog, I’d want to have a good relationship with my readers and that’s why am also bringing up this post to hear from you my esteemed reader.

How do i mean is now improved?

Before now, was on blogger and was been hosted freely on blogger but now am happy to announce that this blog is now on WordPress and is been hosted on hostgator, isn’t that awesome? Tho this cost me quite alot 🙂

The reason i had to do this is

1. To create a mobile version of If you are viewing this blog on mobile you will realize that the interface is mobile friendly and even navigable, although this can be done on blogger but can’t be as flexible as WordPress.

2. To improve user experience: although this depends majorly on the kind of theme or template you use but work is much more earlier here. Now if you make a comment and including your email and someone responds to your comment, you will get a notification to your mail with a direct link to the post, much better right?

3. Freedom: Its through that when using blogger to host your blog their are some certain words you aren’t allowed to use but on wordpress you are the boss of your blog. Am sure you wouldn’t want to wake up some day and realize that you no longer have access to your blog simply because you went against their TOS 🙂

4. And much more: There are definitely more reasons why moving to WordPress was the right step to take but i wouldn’t want to bore you with this so am just gonna keep it clean here.

Also, guest post on this blog are now welcomed, got one? Contact me via the Contact Us page and i will let you into the terms and conditions.

Looking at the design, you will realize that the new trueinternetworld is different from the former.


Please just don’t read, comment also as this will help us serve you better.

Hope you drop your suggestions and comments?


Trueinternetworld team.

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