Facebook Retiring Profile For Timeline On Facebook Mobile

Just some few days back i realized that when i access my Facebook profile on mobile, it shows the page ‘Timeline‘ instead of ‘profile‘.


Do you understand what am saying? Ok  let me explain better.


When your access your Facebook account on computer or on mobile and you want to visit your profile page, what you are to click on is profile right? Ok, mine no longer shows profile rather it shows Timeline.

At first, i thought it was a general change but based on friends accounts i have viewed they seem to still be seeing the profile tab and no timeline.


So, what could probably be wrong with my account?


Well, this is  just a sign that Facebook will soon be retiring the phrase ‘profile’ for ‘Timeline’ so just in case you wake up one morning and check your  profile and couldn’t find the term profile, don’t get scared just know that trueinternetworld is on already on Facebook timeline.


Hope this info helps?

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