Facebook Timeline Remover App on Facebook, Understand This About TheApplication

Just yesterday when i was logged on to my Facebook account and just surfing through the site, i got a notification that reads ‘Michael Ignition sent you a request in TimelineRemover‘.

Curious about how it works, i decided to give it a shot.  Been the type that sometimes easily understands the going on Facebook, i knew exactly what it is.


It Doesn’t Perform Its Function


Yes you heard me right. Most apps on Facebook caries names  but doesn’t act  according to its name.

Here is a screenshot of what the Facebook timeline remover app looks like

Got that?


At first when i clicked on Remove  My Timeline, it opened another new tab on my Mozilla Firefox requesting for some sort of approval and been the type that understands how this giving approvals to facebook apps work, i simply closed the tab.

Now when putting up this article, i decided to test run it again by visiting my notification date and visiting the Facebook timeline remover app page and guess what…………………. It was a different idea.


I clicked on Remove My Timeline and a request pop-up requesting that i install the facebook timeline remover add-on on my firefox browser, i installed the plugin and i was instructed to reset my firefox before the change can take place, i did reset and i noticed something new.


Look at this:

Did you notice the word Timeline which is immediately after the search  box? Ok, but that so far seem not to have changed anything.


In summary:  So far so good, i haven’t  been able to find a reliable means of deactivating Facebook timeline but granting permission for apps on fb isn’t gonna help, hope you are aware that these apps could make you appear online when you are offline and also send links and requests to friends on your behalf like i got mine? Be careful when granting access to apps on your facebook timeline, guess for now you keep managing the facebook timeline :).

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