How I Hide Facebook Timeline From Displaying On My Profile

Friends, i must say am amazed at what i saw today when i access my facebook profile on my mozilla firefox.


No More Facebook timeline Displaying


Yes friends, now when i access my Facebook profile and fan page it doesn’t show the usual Facebook timeline but instead it shows the old face book profile design before timeline was introduced.


Don’t believe me?


Alright, take a close look at the current screenshot of my Facebook profile page

My Current Facebook Profile page


Looks too good to be true? Ok take a look at the title of the previous post before this post  and look at the screen shot and looked at the recent post i shared on my profile, same title right? Or you can simply look at the time and you will see that the most recent post was shared 5 hours ago.


Do you now see?

Now i guess the next Question would be

How Did I Hide My Facebook Timeline?


Remember recently i posted an article on Facebook Timeline Remover App, Understand this about the app? I guess that same article was what helped.


But i noticed that if someone checks my profile from another computer other than me, its shows the default facebook timeline but if i log in it shows my old profile which is more preferable.


hope this helps?


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