How I Lock My BlackBerry Messenger On My BlackBerry Device

Pardon me but am the kind of guy who enjoys privacy tho it sucks.

Previously i discussed the best application used for taking screenshots on  blackberry , hope you enjoyed it?

How Do i mean It Sucks?


Imagine when you pick up your phone to perform a task and the first message that shows up is ‘Enter Your Password‘ ? Yep it sure sucks  but it guarantees your privacy.

A couple of my friends do accuse me of been the type that enjoys pass wording all his devices even my personal computer but don’t  blame me there are just some things i wouldn’t want you to find out lol 🙂


A couple of times i wondered how i could password my blackberry messenger so that no one except me can gain access to it, the research was quite difficult but since i have it its best i share it with you my esteemed reader, you know trueinternetworld isn’t selfish 🙂






Its an application that enables you set password for your  blackberry messenger so that each time you access your bbm it automatically requests that you enter your password.


Its that awesome?


Where To download This Application


Just head over to Blackberry app world and type in Lock For BBM pro in the search bar and afterward download.


its that simple.


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