How To Know If Your Google Adsense Check Has Been Cleared

Last Month i must confess, i really had a tough time with my Google adsense check clearance and i really got worried that i became a complainant to the bank(lol i wasn’t becoming a pin in the  but o :))


Okay, let me share my story with you.

Last month been April 2012, i deposited my newly issued Google adsense check into my GTBank Domiciliary account, i think precisely on the 5th of that month with the mind of ‘my Google dsense check should be cleared before on the 22nd‘.

Normally i know that the bank gives 21 days interval before foreign checks can be cleared but mine was becoming late, i mean its past 3 weeks now and the best i can do was to visit my bank to lay my complaints.


I was  asked to relax that my check has not been cleared and that they will contact those in charge of foreign checks as all efforts to reach them at that point in time proved abortive.


Well, to cut the story short am just gonna head straight to how i knew my check has been cleared.


How To Know If Your Google Adsense Check has Been Cleared


At this point, am just gonna assume you are a Google adsense publisher and you have deposited your check in your bank. wondering how i opened my GTBank Domiciliary account?


Read How i Opened A GTBank Dorm Account

Now, all your need to do is to log in to your Google Adsense dashboard and at the top right angel where its started Finalized Earnings, click on Details which is located right next to it.

On that loaded page, you will see details on payments based on your account, now scroll to your last issued payment and click on details.

Now, look very closely below the details, if your check has been cleared it will be started there along with the date it was cleared.

hope this help?

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