How To Make Blogger Blog Redirect To Mobstac Version

A couple of times i have realized that most bloggers still find it difficult to enable their blogger blog redirect to the mobstac version of their blog for mobile optimization.


First, let me break it down.


What is Mobstac?


Mobstac is a mobile publishing platform to aid blogs get a better user experience and of course to monetize the mobile version of their blogs since blogger currently doesn’t support placing adverts in their mobile version for low end phones.

Hence, if you are using the blogger/blogspot publishing platform and wish to create a better user experience and make some extra income out of  your mobile traffic then using mobstac is advisable.


Lets Move on……..

At this junction i will assume you already registered on  mobstac but don’t know how to make it redirect to the mobile  version of your  blog.

Let me point out something here, before using mobstac go get a custom domain for your blog, if you are still using the free blogger domain please dont bother registering because you will  just let your 30 day trial waste.


When logged in to your mobstac account, you are given a snippet code to place on your blog header to  make the redirection work and this is where most people  get it wrong, well lets do this together.

  • Log in to your blogger dashboard and visit your design page
  • Click on Edit HTML( always remember to download a copy  of your current html data  before editing)
  • Tick Expand  Widget Template
  •  Now, press ctrl + F to display the find option, then type <head>

  1. Did you notice the <head> tag i used green for?  Now immediately after it paste your mobstac code and save template.
  2. View your blog on your mobile now and see how it feels.

Hope this helps?

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