Rihanna Unfollows Chris Brown On Twitter And Chris Does The same

Obviously for a couple of times now its often assumed that songs unleashed by Chris-brown and rihanna are often directed each other and this is definitely not a surprise knowing what led to the unfollow activities.

Normally, i know twitter to be a follow me i follow you social network but chris-brown and rihanna have turned it to a unfollow me i unfollow you social activity 馃檪

Why Rihanna Unfollowed Chris-Brown On Twitter

Rihanna unfollowed chris on twitter based on a seemingly offensive song chris had released on Wednesday.

Chris who also unfollowed rihanna on twitter following her actions posted a link on the social networking site to his freestyle version of kanye west’s way too cold, formerly known as Theraflu.

In the song, chris raps “Don’t f**k with the old bi*ches …………like a bad fur……….every industry n*gga done had her,” and it continues: “Trick or treat like a pumpkin ………….. just to smash her.”

Following Speculations that the song is aimed at rihanna, chris tweeted :

“Assumptions! I didnt say any names so if you took offense to it then its something you feel guilty about


That simple! Do you think rihanna took the right step?

But come to think of it, do busy celebs still have time to be checking on their followers profile to see if they are still there? heyyyyyy! please am not saying anything o 馃檪

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