Why You Should Not Buy A Blackberry Tour

A couple of times i have read funny accusations towards not getting a blackberry, loads of topics and discussions claiming that blackberry isn’t a good smart phone to purchase and all these while i have always countered that because seriously i use a blackberry curve 2 and i don’t seem to have any problems with it as i see it to be a better mobile device compared to my small java nokia, well maybe its because i haven’t tried other smart phone………. Yep i agree.

Well, I’d have to say here that i do not for any reason blaim them as it might seem that it depends on the kind of blackberry they have used or tested ( hope am not been rude? If i am please forgive me 馃檪 )

So far so good i haven’t always got the chance to use or test lots of blackberry phones but i have tested a few.

Please let’s get something here, BlackBerry varies! Yes you heard me right. You can’t compare a blackberry curve to a blackberry bold neither can you compare a BlackBerry torch to a BlackBerry Tour, they all have different features that either makes them superior or inferior to their kind and that is why their prices varies.

BlackBerry Tore Isn’t Worth it!

Am sorry but i just have to admit to the true fact.

Its obvious BlackBerry Tour is more expensive than BlackBerry Curve(Please don’t quote me if am wrong but am saying this out of the basis a friend got it) and my experience with it is nothing compared to my small bb curve 2( yeahhhhhh! I just downgraded my smart phone 馃檪 )

The Scroll Ball Sucks: Damn! The scroll ball on the device is way too childish, imagine scrolling and scrolling just to get to a menu option cheeeze! It even affects my hands lol.

No WiFi Network: This is one major reason why i dislike the tour, it simply isn’t WiFi network compatible unlike my curve 2, dunno what WiFi is? It means wireless network. This allows you surf the internet on your blackberry for free if on a wireless network area. So why call a tour a smart phone when Nokia c3 can access the internet on WiFi connection and blackberry tour can’t?

Got Errors: Over the times i have been test running blackberry phones, i haven’t got an error that reads Activation Required except on BB tour.

Imagine this, a friend bought a blackberry tore and he has been using it with his network and he decided to subscribe on BIS which is blackberry subscription and immediately he did this, the network went out of service and displayed ‘activation required‘ although it was said that it can be fixed from its settings but imagine a newbie, can he have time for such? Now the tour’s battery has automatically gone bad.

In summary: If you are actually thinking of buying a blackberry tore, i strongly suggest you think again.

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