4 Popular Application For Accessing Facebook Chat

Facebook chat over the years have been one popular platform Facebook users tend to spend their time on.

Come to think of it, do you think if Facebook didn’t embed the chat feature, users would have spent much time on the site?

After all what makes a social network called social network?

OK, let’s not go into much talks and go straight to the

4 popular applications used for Facebook chat


1. Ebuddy: Ebuddy so far as been the most flexible application for engaging in Facebook chat as its very easy to understand and easy to navigate.

2. Nimbuzz: Nimbuzz is also an amazing software that allows you easily engage in fb chat, nimbuzz also has its own inbuilt social network on its application making you easily toggle between facebook chat and other chat rooms on nimbuzz.

3. 2go: 2go ummmmmm! Believe it or not most fb users use this application in signing into facebook chat. Wondering how this is done? First let me ask, have you read my article on how to do this? No?


How To Connect 2go to Facebook Chat

4. Facebook Chat Application: Facebook has its own application for chat but funny enough it was said that sonar is the builder of the facebook chat application and this application is only intended for facebook chat activities and works very fine.

Have you got other application used for facebook chat? Do let me know using the comment and get cuddles for that ;).

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