5 Other Things You Can Achieve From Facebook Apart From Chatting

Yes we know that we are in an internet age but most people believe that the internet is majorly for chatting and hooking up with new peeps, but there are more to it if you really know what you want.

About 80% of internet users know of Facebook and that is to show you how popular Facebook is.

Facebook is known around the globe to be the most used social network where you get to meet and hook up with friends around the globe.

A lot of people generally go on facebook just for fun probably to hook up with old forks or hook up with new peeps or something similar.

Most people are blind to the fact that facebook is much more than just for social chats and stuffs similar.

Ok, enough talks!


5 Things You Can Achieve From Facebook

1. Networking: It might interest you to know that blogging which i now do as an extra income wasn’t something i planned doing some day, but my mentor who i meet on facebook and till date hasn’t seen him in physical actually introduced me to it and am ever grateful to him at least now am earning a little higher than what most people in my peer group earn even through am working harder by the day.

2. Get supports: trueinternetworld.com today wasn’t something that just started recently, this blog started january 2011 tho on a free domain till i moved it to a costumed domain in september 2011 and now been hosted by an international host since last month. Now my friends on facebook has contributed so much to its success basically by sharing posts here with their friends on facebook, twitter and other social networks and within my heart i so much appreciate them and i can’t stop saying thanks to my facebook friends and fans, they are certainly the best friends i have.

3. Make Money On Facebook: Yep, some peeps know about this while some don’t. Do you know of my N3000 unlimited browsing with high speed on pc package? Most of my clients i got from Facebook tho i got others outside Facebook and now i deliver and they pay me in cash.

4. Ask For Help: On facebook you can ask for help from your friends but hey! Don’t expect to get help when it comes to cash money am sure you know how it is when it comes to money matters :).

5. Much More: A friend asked me about something bothering him, been the guy who isn’t perfect i simply redirected him to his facebook friends.

Ok, am sure the next question will be

What Does It Take To Do More On Facebook?

Its very very simple, Get lots of friends!

If you take a look at my facebook profile page, you will notice i have reached the Facebook friends threshold of 5000 and sometimes i see 5000+. OK let me tell you something else, i have over a hundred pending friend requests and its so unfortunate that i can’t confirm them unless i delete one and add one but deleting my fb friend is something i don’t like doing as i see them all to be precious to me.

Adding Friends? There’s a Fear of Getting Banned. What Do I Do?

Alright! Let me give you a little tip.

If you don’t want to get banned for sending too many unconfirmed friends requests but yet want to benefit more on facebook, simply join groups with lots of members.

Yes, that’s it! Join groups on facebook and explore.

Hope with this post i have put up here for you, i hope you have been able to figure out more things you can benefit from Facebook other than just chats? Got questions feel free to post a comment.

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