Airtel Club 10 Plan – Benefits, How To Add Numbers To Your Club Of Ten

Airtel club 10 plan for me is an amazing improvement in the airtel company when it comes to cheap call rates and more.


Obviously, airtel has done wonderfully well for its subscribers when it comes to free data mb bundles, free airtime credits and more, and i personally really give cuddles to them for that and now cheap calls to 10 airtel numbers.


What is Airtel Club 1o?

Airtel club 10 plan allows you build your own club of 10 and get fantastic discounts and freebies on calls, SMS and data within your club!
It also allows you get discounted rates on calls and SMS, free mid-night calls to your members! Simply make 1 minute of a local call between 8am and midnight to enjoy the free midnight call benefit.
You also get free data valid for 1 week after a recharge of N200 or more within one week.


Benefits Of Airtel Club 10 plan

  •     Add 10 airtel lines to yourself to form a club of 10
  •     Make calls to your members at 10k/ seconds
  •     SMS your club members at N1/SMS
  •     Make free midnight calls 12.30am and 4.30am daily to club members
  •     Call other airtel numbers at 20k/seconds
  •     SMS other airtel numbers at N3/SMS
  •    Calls to other networks are only 30k/ seconds
  •     SMS other Networks at N5/SMS
  •   Calls to US, Canada, UK, India and China at 20k/sec after your 1st minute at 60k/sec
  •     Free 10MB data valid for 1 week after a recharge of N200 or more within one week.

How To Add Numbers, Remove, View Airtel Club 10 Members

Simply dial the Codes below for their various requests

  •  To move to club 10 plan/package————————-Code: *101#
  • For help————————–Code: *101*1# OR SMS ‘1010’ to 1010
  • To add number to airtel club 10 members list ———————Code: *101*2*PHONE NO#
  •  To remove a club number ——Code: *101*3* PHONENO#
  • To view club number ———Code: *101*5#

Hope this Helps?

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