Best Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin To Stop Spam Comments On WordPress

Before recently, i used to be on the blogger platform until recently i moved to wordpress platform and which i updated my readers on this blog on.

when i successfully moved to WordPress, apart from the usual welcome to WordPress greetings that automatically appeared on my WordPress dashboard, i logged out and in again and guess what loads of pending comments to approve.

Wooow! ‘WordPress is Awesome‘ i said to myself, ‘now people find it much easier commenting on my blog‘ i added but when i clicked on the pending comments option and started reading the comments, i felt like cheeeze! This are all trash, they don’t even relate to the posts i have on my blog and that was when i realized they were spam comments.

I moved them to trash and deleted them, thinking that was all.

I later checked on my blog and found other new sets of comments which are both real and spam but majority were spam.

This was becoming a pain in the butt for me as i have to delete over 60 comments each time i log in to my wordpress dashboard.

I research on how to block spam comments and amongst all i have tried, there seem to be one am comfortable with.

The Plugin i used to Block / Reduce Spam Comments On WordPress

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

: This plugin is a very simple plugin that adds a client side generated check-box to the comment form requesting that the user clicks it to prove that they are not a spammer.

Spam comments are often posted by bots, and using this plugin bots won’t see it so their spam comment will be discarded.

Although i still get some very few spam comments like 3 or 4 daily but that reduces my stress unlike when i used to have over 60 spam comments on this wordpress blog per day.

Hope this helps?

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