Insurance In Nigeria – Is It Really A Necessity?

I know this is some sort of like an off-topic but i have been thinking lately, ‘why insurance in nigeria?’ Is it really of necessity?’

If you are a Nigerian living in Nigeria, am sure you must heard news about the on-goings in Nigeria.

The most talked about is that of the recent Dana Plane Crash which happened in Lagos, tho i have no clear view if the victims of the plane crash were Nigerians but i didn’t get a memo of an insurance company been stated to help.

To the best of my understanding, i know there are different types of insurance and their policies, most i know of are life insurance, car insurance, fire insurance and most of view.


Now, victims of the negative on-goings in Nigeria, aren’t any of them signed into an insurance company?

I for one do see insurance policy as a waste of time and money, pardon me but its the truth. I understand that anything can happen anytime and anywhere but so far so good i haven’t heard of an insurance company taking care of a victims situation in Nigeria.

Well, maybe my ears aren’t always clued to the grounds, maybe am not just paying attention to news relating to insurance, their policies and their companies or maybe am just been naive :).

Let me hear from you my wonderful reader, Do you think insurance in Nigeria is of necessity?

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