Liberty Reserve – How To Create, Fund And Withdraw From A LibertyReserve Account

Liberty Reserve account has been an awesome alternative to PayPal as it is used by most business on the internet.

With Liberty Reserve i pay for services online, purchase goods online and more.

Unlike PayPal that doesn’t accept most countries, liberty reserve accepts all countries that i know thereby making it a very good alternative.

How To Open A Liberty Reserve Account

To create a liberty reserve account, simply log on to and choose Create Account, afterwards its required of you to fill in your details, its strongly advisable that you fill in your accurate details especially your email address because verification and other vital information will be sent to your email.

What’s the verification process for Liberty Reserve Account?

Liberty reserve verification is very easy just like subscribing to an e-letter, all you need do is to go to your email address and verify your account via the email that will be sent to you after submitting the account creation form.

How To Fund Liberty Reserve Account

Yes, we understand that funding liberty reserve account can be demanding most times but for me its as easy as just making a phone call and paying into an account using my normal currency in my country.

To fund your liberty reserve account, you need to make use of exchangers. Exchangers are companies that help you fund your liberty reserve account while you pay in your local currency to their account. There seem to be a lot of exchangers on the internet but most of them could be scam tho i haven’t tried them since i have a reliable person that does this for me.

On the liberty reserve website, liberty reserve prescribed some companies you could use in funding your account but if you want to go through same person i use in funding mine anytime, you can contact me.

How To Withdraw From A Liberty Reserve Account

Specifically to me, i don’t withdraw from my liberty reserve account as i use the funds in paying for services and making payments online but if the need comes for you to withdraw from your liberty reserve account then all you need do is to also contacts exchangers who you will transfer your funds to and they pay into your local bank account but if you ask me, its best to let the funds stay in your lr account as need for it may arise anytime.

Do Liberty Reserve Charge?

Of course! How else are they suppose to keep the business going :)? Don’t get scared, they only charge you when you receive funds and you are not charged for making payments but the percentage charge when receiving funds are very low tho it depends on how much fund you received.

Hope this helps?

Got questions on using liberty reserve accounts or issues relating to creating, funding and withdrawing from your liberty reserve account? Feel free to ask using the comment form.

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