Reason Why Facebook Chat Displaying In Inbox Is Essensial

I remember when facebook first introduced the system that makes your chat conversations appear in your inbox, it seems more or less not good and loads of people kept researching on how they could stop it but no good resource to make it stop.

From my speculation, i really do think mark knew what he was doing.

I have realised that facebook chat appearing in inbox page has got its own purpose but how i wish mark could make this feature optional so that users would have the option of enabling or disabling it or what do you think? 馃檪



My reasons why this feature is useful could differ from yours but all the same am just gonna give my own reason.

1. For future reference: Think about this, you had a conversation with someone via facebook chat and later the person didn’t fulfill the other part of the deal and the best option at that point was to provide evidence of your conversation with that particular person, how do you get this done? Yep, think about it!

2. Get Details: Most Facebook users that uses mobile phones for chat often go on Facebook chat via applications that supports Facebook chat like ebuddy and using those applications, you probably can’t see the profile pics of the person you chatting with especially if you have got loads of friends that you don’t seem to know, probably you both had a nice chat, what is the fastest way to access the profile of that friend? Of course via your Facebook inbox and and this requires you going through your convo and clicking the users name.

What else?

I think i rather stop here, because the two reasons have stated here seem to be broad.

What do you think about your Facebook chat conversation appearing in your inbox page?

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