Best 4 Free Gaming Applications For BlackBerry Phone Users I Recommend

Are you the type who loves playing games on your phones and wished you could download games to your blackberry mobile device? Well, i have got some suggestions for you.

You would agree with me that blackberry is just like Nokia 3310 without BIS, well not actually Nokia 3310, let’s say Nokia Express Music because even without internet connectivity on your blackberry phone, you can still listen to the music stored on your device or memory card, view your pictures, read files and do other things that don’t require internet usage.

Too much of these things could really get you bored when that’s all you do when you don’t feel like surfing the internet or your internet subscription(BIS) is expired, guess what? Playing games is obviously the next way to go.Although am not a fan of playing games on my phone, in short i don’t fancy playing games at all, rather i surf the internet, research, explore and yes, i sleep when am off work but i know lots of people love playing games on their mobile device and just to support you my esteemed readers, here am writing on 4 gaming applications i recommend for your enjoyment.

Gaming Applications For BlackBerry

1. BrickBreaker: Yes, this game isn’t new and as a matter of fact, brickbreaker has been in existence since the time of motorola blade phones and it was my favourite even as a young child.

BrickBreaker Game comes default in most blackberry phones if not in all blackberry phones because i can see it in mine alongside most blackberry phones i have come across.

BrickBreaker isn’t an action game app and as the name illustrates, its a game that involves breaking bricks and sliding to catch your stone. Its certainly a game app that you will enjoy.

To check if the BrickBreaker game is available on your bb device, scroll to your games folder in your bb phone.


2. Sonic Advance: Sonic Advance is a game by Gameloft which is one of the leading games programmers in the world and its more like an adventure game.

Sonic Advance is a game that illustrates Dr. Eggman with a diabolic plan to launch his Egg Rocket against the world and has created a super-powered robot called Metal Knuckles to make sure a famous hedgehog doesn’t get in the way.

Do you recall Super Mario Game? That’s what Sonic Adventure looks more like.

3. Asphalt 6 Adrenaline: Asphalt 6 Adrenaline is another awesome game from gameloft and an interesting one also.
Do you enjoy engaging in car race games, then You should go try out Asphalt 6, it reminds me of the days of MOTOGP game(although its a bike race game).

Here is a description by gameloft inc in relation to the Asphalt 6 game:

The world’s best drivers deserve the fastest cars. Get pumped up for the latest, most polished racing experience to date with vehicles from Ferrari, Audi, Ducati, Lamborghini and other top manufacturers. Save up your energy and let loose an Adrenaline Boost to overpower the competition in exotic locations, all recreated with the most advanced graphics ever for an Asphalt title. You can also take on new challenges to really test your driving skills. Jump on board and feel the Adrenaline!

4. Real Football 2012: For all sport game lovers, i guess this game needs no formal introduction as this is a very popular game in the sport games category.

Real Football as the name implies, is a football game which features engaging in a football match with which ever team you want to play against. You choose your team and choose the team you want your team to play against, that’s how it works.

Do watch football on tvs right? That’s how it works.

Where To Download These Game Applications:

Do you love this games and wish to download them for absolutely free? Then visit the app world application in your bb device and you should find them there or better still, use the search box in the bb app world application to find and download them absolutely free.

Hope this helps?

Have you got other gaming application you would love to share or talk about? Please let us know using the comment form.

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  • Samsung will have a gaming phone too, waiting what apps could be buy or freely installed! And I will always thumbs up BB’s gaming apps.

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