Best 3 Free Alternative Media Player Programs To Windows Media Player

Using a personal computer is more fun when you are able to play videos, watch dvd videos, play mp3 files and more other than just surfing or playing games, well i actually don’t even know if i have a game of my laptop computer lol.

Windows media player is the default media player program installed on windows XP and other versions of microsoft windows, although the program is a nice one but it lacks most features like inability to play some certains files of video and audio extensions like .MP3 files, .flv files .3GP files etc and considering these in mind, you might want to sort out to looking for better alternate media player programs in other to watch those files and here on this page I’d like to share 3 out of all i know.

Best 3 Alternate Media Players To Windows Media Players

1. Free File Viewer: At first, i actually downloaded the program because it was suggested to me by when i wanted to view a PDF file but i later realised that this same program does much more than just viewing PDF files, it also plays audio and video files.

The Only problem am having with this program is the fact that it doesn’t have a stop or play function as it wasn’t dedicated for media watching functions rather for PDF files reading.

2. VLC Media Player: VLC Media Player is an awesome media Player and i just love it.


This media player plays a lot of media files, ranging from audio files to video files, plays extensions like .mp3, .3GP, .FLV, .AVI etc.

VLC Media Player also support the use of skins i.e you can choose using a skin(interface or design) of your choice or your own.

3. Final Media Player:

Just like the name implies, it plays all files and have an amazing interface which you would sure like, its default boarder interface is in a dark blue colour which is very much attractive and also has a simple to understand buttons but does all these really matter as long as it can play all audio and video files? I actually haven’t tried using it in playing audio files but it works perfect for video files.

What other Media Player for PC would you recommend or have you tried out to be better than Windows Media Player?

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  • I’m also a fan of RealPlayer. Noticed it wasn’t on your list: It was a quick, free download and I’ve found it super easy to navigate. Worth checking out.

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