Web-Hosting Review : Choosing A Web Hosting Company For Your WordPress Blog

As you might have been made to understand that when starting a self hosted WordPress blog, its required that you have a web hosting account where you will need to install WordPress and finding a reliable web-hosting account can really be some sort of hard task considering the fact that there are over thousands of web hosting companies on the internet which promises loads of features which some accomplishes and some don’t.

First, let me give you a description of what web-hosting entails.

According to my own simple understanding, i would describe web-hosting as a house where you keep and maintain your blog.

Was that simple enough? Don’t worry am sure you will get a better understanding as time goes on moreover am pretty sure you should know what web-hosting is and that’s why you are in need of a good hosting company.

Like i have earlier stated, there are thousands of web-hosting companies on the internet which promises loads of features but most of these companies do not meet up to their reputation and thus causing damage to their client website.

Wouldn’t it be crazy for you to wake up one sudden morning only to realise that your blog or website is offline? Inother to prevent this, its essential that you look out for some certain features in a web-hosting company before choosing them in hosting your blog.

Features Before Choosing A Web-Hosting Company

1. Reliability: 95% of all hosting companies on the internet promises 99% uptime but not all meets to this claim and if you are looking for an hosting company that promises 100% uptime then sorry because you might be falling to the wrong hands.
The reason web hosting companies promise 99% uptime is because they believe incidents can occur anytime which could lead to downtime but those incidents are very rare in the sense that they rarely happen.

2. 24/7 Customer Support: When choosing an hosting account, make sure that they have a 24/7 customer care support just in case you have any issues with your account at anytime.

3. Fast Response: Its not just ok to have a 24/7 customer care support if you don’t get answers to your questions in time, be on a look out for web hosting companies that reply fast to tickets, chats or emails.

4. One Click WordPress Installation Scripts: Am quite sure you don’t want to go through stress and tough times when trying to install WordPress to your hosting account, so also make sure that your hosting account has one click wordpress installation scripts like fantastico etc.

5. Don’t Always Go For Cheap, Rather Go For Quality Service: What normally get people into the wrong hosting companies is their desire for cheap service instead of looking for quality service. Its best you speed your money for quality service and watch your blog grow than speeding on cheap service and your blog appears to be offline too often.

In my subsequent posts, i will be letting you into some hosting companies i recommend for hosting a WordPress blog more so, i will be writing on how to easily install WordPress to your hosting account.

Hope this helps in making you choose the right web-hosting company for your WordPress blog?

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  • I have experienced in choosing a suitable web hosting provider before. And I agree with the suggestion that do not always go with the cheap provider. Somehow, the quality of the service is still important and you get to pay for added new features too. Perhaps it is better to canvass the prices first and read the reviews before making the final decision.

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