www.Nairaland.com: Nigeria’s Number One Top And Biggest Forum

Nairaland is no doubt one of Nigeria’s top and biggest forum whereby most Nigerians and People from other continents in the world often visit to read, learn and engage in discussions.

www.Nairaland.com is owned by OluwaSeun Osewa who is a graduate and a very dedicated person. Seun created nairaland forum sometime in 2005 guess that’s a year after facebook was launched and since then, the forum has grown to be one of Nigeria’s top best forum.

Nairaland Forum has got loads of categories which fits to almost every part of life that has got one or two things to talk and discuss about.

NairaLand Forum Categories

Visiting Nairaland you will find some few categories at the homepage which is therefore divided to sub-categories leading to better discussions and topics and am going to be talking about a few here.

Science/Technology: This category on Nairaland specially targets discussions and issues relating to science and technology, guess it basically for students tho.

Programming: This section is targeted at discussions relating to programming and sorts.

Webmasters: This section on Nairaland is targeted at webmasters and on the webmaster category, webmasters can discuss issues relating to seo, blogging and all webmasters related topics.

Jokes: The Jokes category on Nairaland is specifically designed to make the forum users laugh and it consists of different jokes posted by users for other users to enjoy.

Nairaland General: This section is basically for posts or discussions that there category can’t be found on the nairaland forum. If you intend posting something and can’t find the category your intend post fits in then you can use the General section on Nairaland.

Romance: Based on personal speculation, the Romance category on Nairaland seem to be the most trending category as users are always discussing on issues relating to love, romance, dating and sorts.

Education: This category is tailored to students and on the education section, discussions relating to schools, universities, examinations, admissions and sorts are mostly discussed.

NairaLand Ads: Formally, Nairaland monetized the forum with Google Adsense but after having issues with the cpc network, it resorted to use direct advertising whereby companies pay for their adverts to be displayed on Nairaland Forum. The Nairaland ads is a section for discussing nairaland advertisement related issues.

More so, when you visit the Nairaland Forum Homepage, there are loads of updates which you can sure enjoy, these posts are called featured posts making the front page.

What do you think of the Nairaland Forum on www.nairaland.com?

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  • Nairaland is no doubt one of the best Nigerian platforms, infact I’m an addict. My only problem with NL is how it’s members are tribalising almost everything.

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