Yepy! Got One Month Free Web Hosting Courtesy Of HostWinds

Its really cool writing on some certain things via your blog as you probably get rewarded, credited or just be of benefit to your blog readers and as the case maybe, i just got one month free web-hosting from hostwinds web-hosting company, isn’t that cool?

If you are a frequent follower of my blog, you would recall that sometime back i wrote a review about hostwinds hosting company and i truly did that review out of self justification and basically because of the awesome service i am enjoying on my shared hosting plan.

The hostwinds limited company actually got in touch with the review i had written about them and you know what? I was given one month free web hosting, this simply means that i won’t be paying a dime for a month on my hosting account.

But, i have got an account with them so how did i get the one month free hosting?

If you are having that question on your mind, let me quickly clarify that.

At first, when i was contacted in regards the free hosting, i was quite skeptical to knowing how i was going to get the one month hosting. I thought probably a new account will be opened for me, oh well, i never wanted that so i had to ask the team that gave me the reward and here was what they did.

They actually added an extra one month to my existing account which seems very cool with me. I.e for example my current annual hosting plan is supposed to expire February next month but due to the extra added month, its going to expire march, 2013. Isn’t that cool?

Ok, i know now you might be wondering, how cool is the hostwinds hosting service?

Should i still talk on this because i have actually analysed this on the hostwinds review post, but once again let me categorically tell you that they’ve got a good and reliable service, more so, their customer support is great and very friendly, I’d recommend you give them a try.

What your next step?

Are you a webmaster and own a blog and you actually thinking of writing a review about hostwinds and probably get a free one month hosting like i did? Buddy, blogging should be based on your own choice and not others, I’d recommend you write on something you have really tried out at least you will be able to defend your post when readers ask you questions.

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