How To Add A Domain To Your Existing Web-Hosting Account

Samuel, Please how do i add a new domain to my existing web-hosting account?

That was a question a friend asked me when having a chat with me via whatsapp messenger last night and i told him i was going to write on it today on this blog for easier understanding more so to aid those who could be wondering how they could add a new or existing domain to their web hosting account.

Do you happen to be among those who wish to understand how this is done? Then lets  do this together as i will be posting screenshots of how you could achieve this for easier understanding.

Steps To Adding A Domain To Your Hosting Account

Please keep in mind that before this step can be achieved, you need to have some certain thing in place:

1. An Hosting Account that accept more than one add-on domain

2. An Hosting Account that has got a control panel

3. Access to your hosting account control panel

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4. Access to your domain name account settings

Have you got all these in tact? Alright lets go on.


Access your hosting control panel and log in to your control panel dashboard and navigate to domains and choose Add-On Domains

Next, you will need to type in the new domain name you want to add to your hosting account, the subdomain/FTP username and Document will automatically be added, just go ahead and type in the security password you want to use for the domain.

Click on Add Domain and you are done from that end.

Don’t close your control panel because you might be needing it to install what you want to install on that domain, wordpress, smf forum or what scripts you want to install on that domain.

What Next?

Log into your domain name management settings and configure your Domain Name server to direct to your hosting account by simply inserting your web-hosting name server to your domain name-server box and save.

Give it some time between 1 – 24hours and it should  be working fine now.

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If you need anything else, do let me  know using the comment form.

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