McAFee- My Best AntiVirus Software For PC Protection

Over the years, McAfee has been my best antivirus software i use in protecting my personal computer and it has worked at that in protecting it against virus or other related problems.

It’s been over a year now that i have been using the anti-virus on my PC and till date, i haven’t had any issues with my laptop PC expect for the hardware issues like screen problem, of course that’s not a fault coming from viruses but rather, its a problem based on usage.

Experience With McAfee Antivirus Software

McAfee Anti-virus isn’t a new software in the internet world as most internet users know, i recall i have been using McAfee as far back 2007 during my days of using desktop computers and the software has been working as appropriate although that desktop computer no longer exist.

I’d believe there are lots of better anti virus software in protecting computers against virus and other related issues like the Norton, avg, avast etc but i will always recommend using McAfee anytime, anyday as most of these virus protecting software do have side-effects.

This reminds me of sometime in 2012 when i acquired a dell laptop which didn’t last up to 2 weeks before packing up, the major issue stated from installing an antivirus, Someone prescribed avast antivirus which i installed but that particular software lead to the problems i had with the system files and windows.

Please don’t get me wrong, Avast is certainly one of the best, but it has got the right time to be installed unlike most other antivirus apps.

2012 is gone now and my McAfee antivirus software is still working fine as always and mind you, i do a lot of downloads most times but am not the all software downloading kind of dude tho, i download mostly videos and some important software which i trust can’t harm my pc.

Still thinking of which Antivirus Software to go for?

This solely depends on your pc system’s OS and system requirement, you can choose to go for avg, avast or Norton but I’d advice sticking to McAfee anytime, any-day.

What antivirus software works best for you?

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  • Thanks for the recommendations. I like to use free antiviruses as I’m a little stingy and I’m happy with the antivirus I have now (I use Unthreat Antivirus) so I don’t think I’ll need to change it soon, but if I do I’ll definitely follow you advice!

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