www.CBFSMS.com : Send SMS To United States And Any Part Of The World On CBFSMS

As the name ‘CBFSMS‘ implies, www.cbfsms.com is a short message service from CardBoardFish which allows you to send text messages to any United States(UK) mobile number for absolutely free.

The CBFSMS website is the fastest way to keep in touch with your friends and family residing in the UK.

You can even check if your message was received by the recipient(the person you sent your message to) using their delievery confirmation system as it is called and you can also check for replies with their free replies system.

How To Use CBFSMS.com

First, when you visit their website at www.cbfsms.com, just enter your recipient number, the message, name and click send as described on the screenshot below.

After that, you will be asked to select for Delivery confirmation and / or replies if you are available at that moment.

Replies allows the person you sent a text to reply to your sms. You can also read replies online on the CBFSMS website and for every reply you receive, you are guaranteed of another outbound message which will enable you to keep talking.

More so, upon sending a message, you will be given a confirmation code which you can then use in checking your delivery confirmation and collect replies.

Hope you enjoy using the CBFSMS service in getting in touch with your friends and family in the UK this new year season by sending them a quick Happy New Year Message?

In my subsequent posts, i will be writing on Way2Sms.com and how to use their service.

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