3 Free Online Tools To Convert Word Documents To PDF Files

You would quite agree with me that most recruiting agencies looking for people to employ for Job on the internet require that you submit your Curriculum Vitae(CV) in PDF format right? Now on the other note, your curriculum vitae was done using microsoft word hence you needed to convert the word documents to a pdf file or document in other for the submission to be done, so what do you do?

This post is exclusively aimed at helping you accomplishing that. Its not actually during times of submitting CV that converting word document to pdf file is needed, it could be something different. Okay here is another example.

If you are the type who loves writing ebooks and selling, you know quite well that writing on computer is done via the use of microsoft word most times right? That’s good but are u also aware that ebooks aren’t proper to be distributed in word files but rather in PDF files? Hence, converting the word file to a pdf file is a necessity and this post is obviously to aid you in doing that for absolutely no cost.

Free Online Tools To Convert Word Documents To PDF File

If you are very conversant with file extensions then you should be aware that Microsoft word documents ends with .doc or .docx as extension while portable document format(pdf) files ends with .pdf extensions. On this posts, am categorically going to be writing on 3 online tools that can be used for this purpose, although their are many more but I’d like to list only three after all, they are all programmed to achieving same purpose.

1. Doc2pdf.net : Just as the name implies, its an online free website tool that allows you convert word documents to portable document format(PDF). Upon visiting the webpage at www.doc2pdf.net, simply scroll down to the end of the page and where its stated ‘convert this document‘ click on browse and upload your .doc or .docx file and click on convert document and download.

2. Wordtopdf.com : Is another great file converting website, wordtopdf from its name alone should be able to give you an insight to what the website actually does. Upon visiting www.wordtopdf.com, simply click on the browse button that stares at your face and choose the word document you want to convert, secondly enter your email address so that the converted PDF file format will be mailed to you and after that, its essential that you enter the capsule code where it says ‘confirm you’re human'(this is actually to fight spam) and finally click on convert to PDF and you are good to go.

3. Pdfonline.com : Pdfonline really does not have the site functionality stated all around the name like the others I have listed but trust me, it does perform same functions as them. Pdfonline only supports a max upload of 2MB to be converted(Yeah, I think your word file shouldn’t be up to that) and only supports receiving the converted file via email which of course you can be able to download from there. Upon visiting the pdf office/word to pdf converting page, click on Upload a file to convert and after that, click the below option that says ‘just email me the PDF’ and input your email address.

So that’s it, with the above free online tools, you would be able to convert all your office / word document to pdf file without any problems. In my subsequent posts, I will be writing on amazing online tool to convert pdf files to word documents, excel to pdf and more.

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  • Thanks geek. But is there no software that can be downloaded so that I can don the conversion offline?

  • Ok. someone came to me and asked if I had a software that can edit pdf file. Pls, do you have access to any?

  • Hi there Adeniyi. Just thought I’d leave you a comment on this post (seemed as good as any) to say that I’ve read a few of your posts and I’m enjoying the blog! Expect to see a few more comments from me! 馃槈

  • PDF stands for portable document format, which is a collection of multiple data into the single unit. So it is not easy to convert the whole file so we need some special tools in this conversion, Online conversion is easiest method but in this if server is down then it might happens that file will lost.

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